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Welcome to Don Valley Windows Systems Ltd. blog! Based in Sheffield, with over 18 years of experience, we hope you will follow our weekly blog and keep up to speed with what we’re up to.

Don Valley Windows Systems Ltd. is a partner of Rehau Ltd. Founded in Rehau, Germany, in 1948, the company has grown from a three-man production team to a global enterprise, and is now a worldwide brand “for polymer-based innovations and systems in building solutions, automotive and industry” with “more than 15,000 employees at more than 170 locations around the world.”

Given Rehau’s international profile, they are committed to addressing “sustainable design priorities by engineering products that enhance comfort and convenience, reduce energy costs, create healthy and safe environments, and conserve finite resources”.

This means that you can be sure that the products you purchase from Don Valley Windows Systems Ltd, manufactured by Rehau, are designed with sustainability and the future in mind.

Among the many products we offer here at Don Valley Window Systems Ltd. are, of course, the wide range of doors and windows. 

Coming in many different styles and colours, with a choice of glazing or panelling and different glasses – either frosted, patterned, stained – you can pick and specify the product that is just right for you.

Our products can be tailored to your specifications; doors with wheelchair-access thresholds, windows with any finish or bespoke frame sizes, all are designed to complement your home with out compromising on security or style.

With a 10 year guarantee on all products you can’t go wrong with Don Valley Windows!
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el-bing social media

It is a familiar feeling. You’ve spent time looking up something on the internet, found the web-address, looked at the information… and realised the whole website is a week, month, a year out of date! 
What are they up to?
Is the company still operating?
If you got in touch, would they be there to reply?

In a world where the internet is becoming the medium of choice for most companies to communicate with their clients, a static website that just sits there year after year is not just of little use… in fact, it is probably damaging your company’s brand image!
No – these days, a much more ‘hands-on’ approach to customer relations is crucial for your company to stand out from the competition! 
El-bing provides a tailor-made Public Relations and Brand Enhancement service, using a range of social media platforms, interconnected with each other and existing company websites. 
El-bing, by being the point of first contact, ensures that new and existing customers know that your company’s ‘door is open’ and ready for business! It allows your company to keep the conversation open with the public about what you are doing, what you will be doing… and what you have done! 
El-bing also allows your company to show customers what you have done in the past, and by doing so it enhances your brand, it creates a sense commitment around the work your company does, and reassures customers about your company’s heritage! 
El-bing has, to date, worked for Zed Books and Get Sorted Music

Why Social Media?

Social Media (blogs/facebook/twitter etc) are public relations and brand enhancement tools. They enable organisations to open and maintain a 'real time' dialogue with clients.

One of the biggest 'turn offs' for internet-using clients is the lack of up-to-date information and lack of online activity - typical of static websites.

And while most companies now have social media platforms - reflecting the importance of these media - most fail to maintain daily activity, which does nothing to remedy a degraded online-presence and the 'turn-off' effect.

Well-maintained social media can prevent damage to brands by ensuring relevant daily content uploads and high levels of visible online activity.

In the current economic climate, increased online visibility is crucial, and well-maintained social media are simple and cheap means of achieving this visibility in an increasingly competitive environment.